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This is a non-vetted show. It is strongly advised that all entries be inoculated by a licensed veterinarian against feline panleukopenia, feline rhinotracheitis, calici viruses, and rabies and tested and found negative for FeLV before entry. All cats must be free of fleas, fungus, ear mites, and any contagious illness. Show Management reserves the right to cause the removal of any cat from the show hall suspected of any of the above until a licensed veterinarian can make an examination at the exhibitor's expense. All claws of all entries must be clipped prior to benching. No kittens under 4 months of age will be allowed in the show hall. Owners of very small kittens may be asked to show registration papers.


The show hall will be heated and will have air conditioning as needed. The show will be held on the ground floor. The show hall is handicapped accessible and handicapped parking is available right outside the entrance. People food will be available. You may not bring food or drinks into the show hall. Reasonable care will be taken of cats and personal property however; neither Lincoln Cat Club, Inc. nor the Lancaster Event Center will be liable for any loss or damage. No guard will be on duty Saturday night. Do not leave cats in the show hall overnight. Parents must supervise children at all times.


Lincoln Cat Club, Inc. reserves the right to add judges not named to judge non-championship and non-premiership classes. All Championship, Premiership and all Registered Kitten entries whose registration numbers are printed or written in ink in the catalog will be scored for CFA National and Regional awards. Ribbons will be awarded according to CFA rules. Permanent flats will be used. Ribbons will be available upon request.


CFA show rules will be enforced. To obtain a copy send $5.00 to CFA, 1805 Atlantic Avenue, P. O. Box 1005, Manasquan, NJ 08736-0805.


Single cage size is 21 x 21 x 21. Litter will be provided, please bring your own litter pans and cat food. Chairs are limited due to increase in cost per chair. One chair will be provided per exhibitor. Additional chairs are $1.00 each or you may bring your own. Indicate on entry how many you require.


Our vendor space is limited. You must have cat related items for sale. Please contact Marian Malone (402) 423-1476 or Amber Kempkes (402) 828-2607 for a contract or more information.


We will attempt to honor one benching request per exhibitor, if space allows. The end of row will be reserved for the handicapped and the clerks at no extra charge.


Household pets will be judged in six rings. Cats must be neutered or spayed prior to reaching 8 months of age. Kittens that are over 4 months and under 8 months in age are not required to be altered, but it is strongly recommended. Entries 8 months or older that are not altered are ineligible for entry. Cats may NOT be declawed. Please bring cage curtains, towels, sheets, etc., to cover the top bottom, sides and back of cage. One double cage is included with your entry.

Hotels: Star City Inn (Formerly Motel 6) 5600 Cornhusker Highway, Lincoln, NE 68507 (402) 464-5971 (a block of rooms is reserved for Lincoln Cat Club, quoted price $39.95 single, $59.95 double.) Country Inn & Suites, 5353 North 27th Street, Lincoln, NE 68521 (402) 476-5353 (holding rooms for Lincoln Cat Club. Room rate is $69.00 plus a refundable pet deposit.) Ramada Inn, 1101 West Bond Street, Lincoln, NE 68521 (402) 475-4971

Leslie Brooks

5503 South 31st Street, #3

Lincoln, NE 68516