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Easy Cat Show Curtains

Believe me, I know how hard it is to create the perfect show curtains. First you have to pick just the right colors and patterns to accentuate your cat's best features, then you have to figure out how many yards to buy and where and how to cut it. It can be a very frustrating and costly nightmare. That's why I would like to thank the Creative Cats Club, Inc. for giving me permission to share this show curtain pattern with you. I've used it on all the show curtains I've made, and I haven't found a simpler, more easy to follow pattern anywhere. This basic pattern has unlimited potential. Let your imagination take over!

Show cage Show cage with privacy screen down

Basic Show Curtains - 3 piece or optional 4 piece

Materials Needed

I shop for 44" washable fabric then have the store cut 3 pieces for me.

  1. 11/2 yds for the table drape
  2. 23/4 yds for the inside cage drape (this will have gathers on a 45" cage and fit a 54" cage
  3. 2-1/2 yds, for the top cover

Also needed is 5 yds of pre gathered lace and matching thread

Optional sheer curtain for front
  1. 2/3 yd of netting or other sheer material 60" wide works best
  2. 1/2" elastic 40" long
  3. Pre gathered lace the same length as netting is wide 60" fabric would need 12/3 yds of lace
  4. 2 safety pins 11/2" long (used to attach curtain to cage)

TABLE DRAPE - 11/2 yds

  1. Hem the cut edges on both ends of the fabric
  2. Press under 1/2" on one of the selvage edge
  3. Sew the pre gathered lace along the selvage edge that has been pressed under

Cage curtain pattern


  1. Hem both cut ends of the fabric
  2. Fold fabric length wise with the right side out
  3. Press along fold
  4. If you show with a divided cage this is the time to make a slit for the divider
    1. Fold fabric in half across the width of the fabric
    2. Cut from one on the selvage edges to 1/2" below the pressed fold
    3. Hem the cut edges or use bias tape (this is the hardest part on the entire project because of the point at the top). If you decide to hem the edges you may have to do the point by hand.
  5. Top stitch 1/8" along fold to create a permanent crease

Cage curtain pattern

TOP COVER - 21/2 yds

  1. Hem both cut ends
  2. Press one of the selvage edges under 1/2"
  3. Fold the selvage edge in half to find the center and mark with a pin
  4. Fold the 31/2 yds of face in half to find the center and mark with a pin
  5. Match the center of the lace to the center of the fabric and pin the lace to the fabric and extend the lace around the corner of the fabric along the hemmed ends
  6. Top stitch the lace to the fabric

Cage curtain pattern

Optional Sheer Curtain

If you purchased netting you will not have to hem the ends, hem the cut ends if the fabric requires

  1. On the long edge of the fabric make a 1" deep pocket for the 40" piece of elastic
  2. Insert the elastic and stitch the elastic at each end to secure
  3. Attach a safety pin to each end of the elastic
  4. Finish by sewing lace to the other long side of the fabric

Cage curtain pattern

Dressing a Cage

  1. Move the cage from the table to the floor
  2. Lay table drape on table with the lace hanging over the edge of the table
  3. Open the top of the cage
  4. Use a twist tie or binder clip to secure the center divider to back of cage for a full cage or to the center front for a divided cage
  5. Using the inside cage drape cover both ends and the back of the cage by opening the fabric and put half in the inside and half on the outside, the stitched crease will be resting on the top of the cage
  6. Close the top of the cage
  7. Lay the top cover over the cage, let a few inches hang over the front edge
  8. Return cage to the table
  9. Attach the sheer curtain to the front of the cage

Happy sewing ...

~Courtesy of Amber Kempkes with special thanks to Creative Cats Club, Inc.

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